Sean Casey
Sean Casey
Member of Parliament for Charlottetown
MP Sean Casey announces next steps for Safe Restart Agreement in Prince Edward Island
September 17, 2020

As we move into the fall and the world continues to deal with the impacts of COVID-19, the Government of Canada remains focused on keeping Canadians safe and healthy, while continuing to ensure they have the supports needed during this global health and economic crisis.

Sean Casey, Member of Parliament for Charlottetown, announced federal funding will be flowing to PEI as part of the Safe Restart Agreement. This funding will help PEI safely restart the economy and provide additional support to Canadians, as we continue to deal with the impacts of the global pandemic.

Through the Agreement, reached earlier this summer, the Government of Canada announced over $19 billion in federal funding to help provinces and territories safely restart the economy.
Here in Prince Edward Island, the Safe Restart Agreement will support measures to increase testing and contact tracing to protect Canadians from future waves of the virus. It will help support the capacity of our health care systems, including through services for people facing mental health challenges. It will also provide municipalities, like Charlottetown, with funding so they can quickly deliver essential services, like public transit, that Canadians rely on every day, and secure a reliable source of personal protective equipment for essential workers.

The Agreement will also provide direct support to Canadian workers, including safe childcare to help parents returning to work. It will also provide income support for people without paid sick leave, and takes steps to protect the most vulnerable, like Canada’s seniors.

As we continue to deal with the health and economic challenges of the pandemic here in our province and across Canada, the government will continue to invest in Canadians. Together, we will build a more resilient Canada – one that is healthier and safer, cleaner and more competitive, and fairer and more inclusive for everyone.

"Together, as a country, we’re laying the groundwork for our economic recovery while keeping the health and safety of Canadians a priority. Here in Prince Edward Island, this funding will ensure Islanders are safe, healthy, and supported as we continue to navigate the pandemic" - Sean Casey, MP for Charlottetown

Quick Facts
• On July 16, 2020, the Prime Minister and Deputy Prime Minister announced an agreement to safely restart the economy that involved over $19 billion in funding from the federal government.

The Safe Restart Agreement focuses on measures over six to eight months to restart the economy while protecting the health of Canadians
Funding will support the provinces and territories in their delivery and management of COVID-related response under seven key priorities:
o Testing, contact tracing, and data management
o Health care capacity, including mental health and substance use
o Protecting vulnerable populations, including seniors in long-term care facilities
o Securing personal protective equipment
o Child care for returning workers
o Support for municipalities, including for public transit
o Sick leave

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